Oxyworld water - water with a kick!

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21st century energy drink

  • It’s not an ordinary energy drink full of added sugars and caffein
  • It’s not a mouth full of bubbles or artificial flavors on your tounge
  • It’s not a drink that will cause a placebo effect
  • It is a drink full of added oxygen in clear water with benefits for the body

Product Oxyworld is a sugar free, crisp tasting, colorless, CO2 carbonated free drink. It is simple and inconspicious, but the beneficial effects of added oxygen on the body are evident and efficient. We do not want to cause quick acute changes to the body, we want to help it in the long run. Through prolonged usage of the product the results are quantifiable.  More about our product > 


Oxyworld Lemon


Refresh and enrich your body with a good dose of oxygen. Try an alternative path to a healthy lifestyle, now flavored with lemon essence!


Free of sugar, calories and artificial colours

Just a good dose of oxygen!

Highly oxygenated water

More oxygen, more energy

discover the effects of our product.

Supports your immune system

Great partner for unpleasant weather.

Increase your work flow

Prolongs and improves your focus. 

Helps you reach new limits

Oxyginated muscles are stronger muscles.

Helps heal wounds

Oxygen revitalizes the body after surgery and heals open wounds on the human body.


Prevents headaches

Helps against migranes and hangovers.

Supports brain activity

Oxygen has a positive impact on your brain.

Helps with the fight against tiredness

Oxygen will literaly wake you up.

Rejuvenates the body

Oxygen rejuvenates the cellular system in the human body.

Therefore drink Oxyworld waterwater with a kick!

Presence of oxygen in the product

In order to demonstrate the presence of the high amount of oxygen contained within our Oxyworld product, we have demonstrated a experiement video. This simple experiment with sugar is comparing our product with clean tap drinking water. We want to disperse the doubts of the average consumer and prove that our product is indeed filled with more oxygen. Hence, when we add the sugar into both of the glasses only our product shows signs of oxygen being present as it reacts. We hope that by watching this video, you will no longer doubt the presence of high content oxygen in the Oxywolrd product and that you will enjoy it knowing that you have done only the best for your body. We emphasize that oxygen is a synonym for health and rejuvenated organism. Oxygen is essential for the human body and our product may help to achieve your health goals.

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Where to buy

Our product can be purchased at all the listed stores or you can order it in our own e-shop here

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  • What is oxygen water?

    It can be said that this is a unique energy drink of the 21st century. It is a drink without sugar, artificial flavors, without additives, without artificial additives. It is only clear water enriched with an abnormally high amount of oxygen - at least 120 mg / 0.25 l, where oxygen is a key element in this drink, on which its entire energy value is based. It is known that oxygen supplies the body with energy.

  • Why should you drink oxygen water?

    The effects of oxygen are generally known. By drinking our oxyworld water you will feel invigorated and energized. Of course, oxygen has other important positives for the body.

  • What happens to the body when drinking this water?

    When our Oxyworld drink is consumed, the so-called oxygenation of the organism occurs, which leads to rejuvenation and revitalization of cells. After ingestion, there is, among other things, detoxification of the body, full and healthy digestion and the already mentioned influx of energy. Our drink can also be a support in strengthening immunity and after its consumption there is a better chance of healing wounds. We have very positive reactions from consumers also in the area of concentration, eg when driving motor vehicles, studying, playing chess, working on a computer, etc.

  • What are the benefits of drinking this water?

    Unambiguously in the equation, more oxygen = more energy

  • Who is oxygenated water for?

    Drinking water with a high oxygen content is suitable for all ages from children to seniors.

  • How much ml / l of water can I drink per day? * recommended daily dose

    To achieve the result, it is tried to drink two cans / 2x250ml in one dose. If necessary, this dose can be repeated 3 times a day.

  • Is it appropriate to combine water with other drinks?

    Yes, drinking water with a high oxygen content can be combined with drinking other beverages, including alcohol. The first paradox is that if you mix this water with an alcoholic beverage, then the effect of alcohol in the body increases, and the second paradox is that if you have a hangover after alcohol, this beverage will get you out of it.

  • Can I drink water when I'm sick?

    It is a dietary supplement, so this drink of ours may be suitable by the oxygen side as a support for the treatment itself.

  • Why is our water only bottled in a can?

    As part of the implementation of the project, where long-term testing took place, it was concluded that only the can, unlike plastic and glass bottles, will retain the declared amount of oxygen throughout the expiration date without the slightest leakage.

  • How does the water taste?

    Our water with a high oxygen content tastes crisp in itself, when in the first moment after it is ingested, you feel like you are only drinking clear water. However, it is important to note that highly oxygenated water has no distinguishing attributes. It is tasteless, odorless and colorless. Consumers often expect bubbles from oxygen, for example, which is very wrong. Oxygen does not form any bubbles and therefore our drink does not contain bubbles. Bubbles create CO2 (carbon dioxide) in drinks, which we do not add to our drink. In any case, the water in our drink is strongly oxygenated, and therefore anyone who thinks well of their body should indulge in it as much as possible.

  • Is it possible to supplement the water with an ionic drink during sports?

    Of course, it is possible to combine these two drinks in sports. We only note that the advantage of our drink over ionic drinks is that it is absolutely sugar-free and calorie-free.

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